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1.Product is really?
Yes and products are new,100%original,unlocked,are guaranteed by internationa and packaged in a sealed box,having the integrity of its parts.
Can also be used in the APPLE store and warranty!
2.Why the product so cheap?
We are the factory direct agents, products from China factory,we have first-hand sources.
This is a special promotion price,so this is a very good chance, you can't miss it.
3.How should believe and trust?
We hope using  the credibility and quality services  to establish long-term business relationship. And this is we need.
If you have a friend in China,Can directly to our company to buy,This will prove that we are a truly company
You can check out our website record of delivery, we will not update it regularly.
4.minimum order?
1 PCS (1 unit),is free shipping.
5.Buy a lot of discount?
Total amount, more than  3 Pcs,free shipping and 3% discount
Total amount, more than  5 Pcs,free shipping and 5% discount
Total amount, more than 10 Pcs,free shipping and 8% discount
6.Products have a warranty?
International warranty products, can also be used in the APPLE store and warranty
7.How to shopping?
First of all, you can register a member on the site, it is free.
Use: do you often use E-mail as the user.
Registration is complete, then you can choose your favorite products to join buy car.
Please fill in your shipping address.
Complete the shopping cart to the last step, you can get an order number.
Also you will receive our send order confirmation to your email.
You can be in function to track the status of your order status and shipping.
Check the order information and shipping address is no problem.
Then please pay your order as soon as possible.
After payment, please send payment information and order number, email to
I will help you the confirmation of order and send the order
Receive your payment,we will query as soon as possible and send the products to you within 24 hours.
Shipping will arrive within 4 or 5 days.
8.How to choose the mode of shipping?

Shipping EMS $25, DHL UPS $30,and Fedex $35
Total amount, more than   199 USD,free shipping for you.
Usually we will use the EMS or DHL.
If some particular countries, it is difficult to reach the country, we will use Fedex, it is no problem at all.
9.How to choose the mode of payment?
We usually use western union or bank transfer.Because they is completely don't need any tax in our country.
Western union: can use local bank the payment of western union agency web site,or you can check out western union website.
Bank transfer: you can use the local bank transfer directly to the bank of China,or international remittance in use the bank on the net.
10.How long the time of delivery and the arrival of the goods?
Receive your payment,we will query as soon as possible and send the products to you within 24 hours.
Shipping will arrive within 4 or 5 days.
11.If the product is not satisfied with how to return and refund?
If the return is caused by the product quality or the mistake from us, you will be guaranteed to get 100% refund.
We offer a 15-day return policy.(Return shipping costs paid by the buyer)
12.I need to pay tax?
We are duty-free goods, so don't need any tax.
If need to pay tax if some special countries, customs, we will need to fill in the invoice is set to the lowest price, so also do not need to pay tax and tiny tax.
13.How to drop shipping?
We provide free drop shipping.
You can buy it in our website and then sell them to other sellers.
We can receive the goods sent to you directly to the customers.
We will according to your request do not fill out any information about us, or you can fill in your information.
You can fill in shipping address in the shopping cart,or please send E-mail to us all the information you need.
14. Support cash on delivery?
Of course, we support cash on delivery (COD)
You can contact us customer service
Please provide your Passport or Driver's license (front and back photo) including SSN number
We will back up this information and then appeal to you - cash on delivery